Very Quick Instructions

To complete the online registration, make sure you have your USA Water Ski Membership ID Number and it’s expiration date and your WWSF membership number. These are required and will be checked. Use proper formatting for names (John Doe, not john doe), addresses (123 Main St, Madison, WI, not 123 main st, madison, wi) and phone numbers (608-555-1234, not 6085551234). If your USA WS Number has leading zeroes, please include those.

If you are registering yourself or are the head of household, for Membership Type pick “Individual or Head of Household”. When registering additional family members that have already been paid for, select “Additional Family Member”.

Finally, go through the sign up form, confirm your email address (a confirmation email will be sent to you) then purchase your online membership. If you additional family members to register, you’ll need to log out and then sign up each additional family just like you did for yourself and pick ‘Additional Family Member’ for Membership Type.


Please note that members that are under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardian join the team as well. They’ll need to at least have a supporting membership on Mad-City. They’ll also need to join USA Water Ski (as an Active member – easiest way is to join USA-WS with a family membership) and the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation (with a family membership). Members under the age of 12 must also be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all team related functions.

Want more detailed instructions? Keep reading, a more verbose version of the instructions is below…

Longer Instructions

Please fill out the online sign up form carefully. For the vast majority of the information we collect, we collect it because we need it for entry into tournaments.

Please use proper formatting and capitalization for everything you enter. For example:

  • John Doe – don’t enter john doe or JOHN DOE
  • 123 Main St, Madison, WI – don’t enter 123 main st, madison, wi
  • 608-555-1234 – don’t enter 6085551234

Having everything consistently formatted just makes everything much easier to read, both for us when we view roster details and for tournament officials when they review our rosters.

Finally, for user ID‘s, I’d really like to see everyone use firstname.lastname for everyone’s username. This will make things easier for the person that needs to maintain this information. Please help keep this consistent. If needed, you can add a middle initial.

Before You Begin

Be sure to have the following information when you go to sign up:

  1. USA Water Ski Number & Expiration Date – Every member of the Mad-City Ski Team needs an active membership with USA Water Ski. USA Water Ski provides the insurance coverage for the team and sanctions all of the team’s events and competitions. The quickest way to sign up with USA-WS is to sign up online using this link. USA-WS has several membership options, the ones that are valid for Mad-City are Active (25 and Older), Under 25 Active, and Family Active. The Grass Roots Active and Social/Supporting are not valid for participating with Mad-City. Be sure to select the Mad-City Ski Team as your Team/Club Affiliation. Once you’ve signed up with USA-WS, you’ll need your USA-WS Number (each family member will have a unique number) and Expiration Date for each member to fill out Mad-City membership information.
  2. WWSF Membership Number – Every member of the Mad-City Ski Team also needs an active membership with the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation. You can sign up/renew your WWSF membership online. They offer family memberships as well. Be sure to select the Mad-City Ski Team as your Team/Club Affiliation. Once you’ve signed up with the WWSF, you’ll need your Membership Number which you can find if you login, go to View Profile, then click on My Directory Profile for each member’s unique membership number to fill out the Mad-City membership information.

Step 1 – Register Yourself & Pay for Membership(s)

Now that you have your USA-WS & WWSF information, you can sign up for Mad-City.

For individuals or the head of households (for either new or returning members), you’ll want to go the Register link in the main menu. The vast majority of the fields are pretty self explanatory. Here are the details for a couple you may need help with:

  • Membership Type – For individuals or head of household, pick “Individual or Head of Household”. If you are a head of household registering additional family members (spouse, kids, etc) , you’ll select “Additional Family Member” for your other family members when you register them. More on this later.
  • USA Water Ski Number – please enter any leading zeros that are in your account number. This information is important for our tournament rosters.

Once all of the information is complete, click on Sign Up. You’ll be sent a confirmation email to the email address you provided and you’ll need to click on the link within the email to confirm your account which will log you into the membership system automatically and take you to the shop. In the shop you’ll be able to pay for your membership. Select the correct membership for your situation (New Individual, New Family, Returning Individual, Returning Family, Junior Team Skier Only, Supporting). You can select all of the memberships you need for you and your family (ie Returning Individual and Support memberships, or a Family Membership to cover everyone). If you are purchasing multiple memberships or memberships that cover multiple family members, there are places to list who the memberships are for (if you purchase supporting and skiing membership, list who will be covered by each, if purchasing family memberships, please list all family members that will be covered by the family using first and last names when needed). View your shopping cart and then checkout to complete the payment.

Your membership role will be changed to “Paid Member to Review”. At this time your membership information will be reviewed to make sure everything is complete and your USA-WS & WWSF memberships are verified. Once it has been reviewed, you’ll role will be changed to “Member”.

Step 2 for Heads of Household – Add your kids/spouse

Do you have kids and/or a spouse to register? Then you’ll need to register them as well. First you’ll need to log out of the system so you can register them as an additional ski team member. The process is pretty similar with a few differences noted below:

  • If you are registering a child and they don’t have an email address, many popular email providers offer ALIAS functionality.
  • Membership Type – You’ll select “Additional Family Member” for your other family members when you register them. This will change the process flow later on, but basically, since you’ve already paid for their memberships, you don’t need to do that again.

Instead of getting an email asking you to confirm the email address, you’ll get one saying the membership information is being reviewed. Just like before, everything will be checked to verify that it’s complete and the USA-WS & WWSF memberships are verified and that the membership has been paid for you’ll receive an email saying it’s been accepted. And you’re DONE!


Need Financial Help?

The ski team has a fund available to provide financial assistance to individuals or families that are in financial need. Payments of awarded amounts are to be applied towards cash fees. The individual or family will be expected to participate in fund raising activities and come up with other ways to contribute to the ski team.

Individuals can also ask for payment plan options if they are financially able to pay team dues, but paying the dues as one payment would be financially difficult.

Be sure to complete the sign up process (creating your member accounts) and then complete and return the financial aid form below. Once a decision has been made, you’ll receive a coupon code good for the amount of your financial assistance that you can use during the payment process that you’ll then need to complete (even if awarded 100% of dues – it creates an invoice used to track membership payments/credits).